A Church in Johannesburg

On April 17 we had lunch with two Brethren in Christ Church (BIC) leaders to learn about the churches in South Africa.



On the right is Rev. Benedict Macebo, originally from Zimbabwe, pastor of the Hillbrow BIC Church here in Johannesburg, and also natioonal overseer for South Africa. On the left is Frank Nkala, South African, locksmith, lay leader at Hillbrow, and board chair for the general board of the BIC in South Africa.

The first BIC church planted in South Africa was near Pretoria, in 1991 or 19912. Now there are 16 churches, located in two of the nine provinces of the nation. The most recent new church was started last week in Cape Town – the third BIC church in that city.

After lunch the men took us to Hillbrow, a district of Johannesburg, to see the church building there. Scenes en route.




Various scenes at the church, which is in process of construction.







The attendance is about 1,000. You will note that the theme for the church is “Experiencing God’s Supernatural Provision.”

I trust that you will experience the same in your life.


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