Tragic siutation in London

We are having marvelous experiences in London, seeing our missionary team in action, learning about the growing ministry they have, and enjoying  a few days of vacation now and then.

But the good experiences we are having stand in sharp contrast to the disturbing news this week about the killing that took place on Wednesday afternoon, May 22, in Woolwich in south London. Two Muslim men wielding large knives and a meat cleaver killed a British soldier, a drummer, in public. We now know that the soldier’s name is Lee Rigby, married and the father of a young child. The attackers attempted to decapitate Mr. Rigby’s body; whether they succeeded is not clear from the news reports. Then they dragged his body into the street, and turned to passersby shouting “Allahu akbar,” or “Allah is great.” The attackers asked the observers to film them, and some folks did so on their phones. The attackers said they want everyone to know that they did this for Allah and because the British are killing Muslims in Muslim nations.

National leaders must speak in political correctness, so they are saying that these attackers are simply terrorists and that their action has nothing to do with their religion, Islam, in spite of the fact that the killers have boldly identified their religious motivation.

Yes, there are many Muslims who are gentle and peace-loving. We thank God for that. And moderate Muslim leaders have denounced the killing. But it is also true that in the the Muslim scripture, the  Qur’an, Allah commands Muslims to “slay the unbelievers wherever you find them,” and these two Muslim men acted in obedience to their scripture and their God.

Please pray for the leaders and people of UK.

Pray that Christians will give a clear and loving witness to Jesus and his way of peace.

Pray that many Muslims will come to faith in Christ.

Pray for Jay Smith and other Christians who at Speakers’ Corner this coming Sunday afternoon will face many comments about this killing and its ramifications. We fly home Sunday so we will not be at the Corner.

To our knowledge, we are safe. Of course, one never knows where danger may arise, in England or USA or anywhere. We all live by God’s mercy.


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