Small Town Kansas

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Today JoLene’s cousin Vi took us on a drive through the KS countryside…


…to have lunch in the town of Marion.


Typical of so many small towns here, Marion is also the county seat for the county of the same name.

We had lunch at a cafe.



Then I noticed that Marion has an art “theme.” Just as my home town of Harrisburg, PA,  has life-size decorated cows all over the city, this town has the theme of rhinoceros – go figure! Each place of business has a small decorated rhino out front, as this Oriental  beauty.



Today is the annual Arts and Music Stroll, so there were swveral vendors on Main Street.



Here is Ronald Beeton, a photographer, with some of his work. You can check out his photos in detail at

Of keen interest to me was the fact that a Mr. Schmidt of Lehigh was giving rides in a covered wagon pulled by two mules.



Of course, I had to have a ride, and to my surprise, JoLene and Vi got on board, too.



Meet Tom and Jerry.

Then I went around the corner to get a photo of the Court House…



…important in my memory because JoLene and I went here to get our marriage license in December 1965.



A rain shower at sunset in KS. Good night.



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