Americans in London – Part 2

Here are a few more scenes of London when we were there last month, May 2013.



Almost everywhere we saw the majestic sweet chestnut trees, not to be confused with the American chestnut (almost extinct) and the horse chestnut. They were in full bloom.



We stopped by Kensington Palace. The front view is obscured by renovations.


You will note that this was a sunny day, of which we had very few during our stay!



The east end Of the Palace is not undergoing renovations.





Not far from the Palace is this statue of Queen Victoria, designed by one of her daughters.

One end of the Palace is open for tourists and currently features a display called “Victoria Revealed,” a presentation of Victoria as a wife and mother, with numerous personal and family items, along with quotes from her journal.



One of her gowns.



Her husband. Prince Albert, was one of the principal promoters of having the Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations, also called the Crystal Palace Exhibition. This was an international exhibition, held in Hyde Park in 1851.



We had lunch in the cafe of Kensington Palace. I had a dish that was new to me – beet soup. Quite good, although a bit earthy in taste. And what else would you expect from beet soup?



Behind the Palace is The Orangery. Once a greenhouse for exotic plants for the royal family, it is now open to the public as a restaurant. We went there one day for breakfast.



And enjoyed the flowers as well as the meal.

So many beautiful things to enjoy all over London.


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