Salisbury Cathedral

Another adventure in England

In May 2013 we went with our friends Paul and Claire by car to the town of Salisbury to see the famous cathedral there. The weather was mostly cloudy and cold, but remember, this is England!



The cathedral was built in the 13th century and is a fine example of the early English style of Gothic architecture. The spire, at 404 feet, is the tallest in England.









Above, you see a model of the cathedral in construction.



In the nave is an unusual modern fountain, perfectly balanced so that a small stream of water runs off a lip at each of the four corners into grates in the floor.



When you llok at the proper angle, you see the reflection of the stained glass windows. I stood entranced at the beauty of the scene and the skill of the designer.





Above, scenes of the cloisters, the largest in England.

The cathedral has the finest of only four surviving originals of the Magna Carta, from 1215. It is written in Latin on vellum and contains some 3,500 words. The black letters are still bold and clear because iron of some sort was added to the ink. No photos allowed.

The cathedral also has, indoors, the world’s oldest mechanical clock.

It was a privilege to pray in this place where prayer has been offered and Christ has been worshiped for so many centuries.


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