Shaker Village

While we were in Wilmore, KY, for the renewal conference described in a previous blog, we drove to Shaker Village, about 2o miles south of Lexington, for dinner.

The Shakers were a religious sect founded on the teachings of Ann Lee. They practiced a celibate and communal lifestyle and practiced equality of sexes. Today they are remembered most for their style of music and furniture. Shaker Village is maintained as a reminder of the Shakers and their way of life.

In winter meals are served in the winter kitchen, located in the cellar of this building, known as the West Family House.



The evening we went to  the kitchen we were the only customers!





On the Village grounds sugar maple sap is dripping into buckets.


Shaker Village is most interesting, and the food is top quality. Be sure to include the Village in your next trip to Kentucky.


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  1. I drove by this beautiful “village” almost every day on my way home from work. It is a great place to have a delicious meal on a cold day. I would love to go back there again some time. Good memories!

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