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Why we do our work
February 16, 2016

Why do you do the work you do? What is your ultimate motivation?
I found a deep insight into these questions from the writings of Mother Teresa of Calcutta (1910-1997).


It is not how much you do but how much love you put into the doing and sharing with others that is important. Try not to judge people. If you judge others, then you are not giving love. Instead, try to help them by seeing their needs and acting to meet them.
We have the following words in a sign outside our chapel at the Mother House. They were written by Father Edward Le Joly after we had talked in 1977 and explain exactly what our work is about:

“We are not here for the work, we are here for Jesus. All we do is for Him. We are first of all religious; we are not social workers, not teachers, not nurses or doctors; we are religious sisters. We serve Jesus in the poor. We nurse Him, feed Him, clothe Him, visit Him, comfort Him in the poor, the abandoned, the sick, the orphans the dying. But all we do, our prayer, our work, our suffering is for Jesus. Our life has no other reason or motivation. This is a point many people do not understand.”

A Simple Path, pages 93-94


This writing caused me to take a new look at the deeper reasons why I do my work.

A church of mercy and love
February 14, 2016

I just finished reading most of Pope Francis’ book The Church of Mercy. It is rich in spiritual teaching. Except for a few comments about the Virgin Mary the book could have been written by any Brethren in Christ bishop!

Pope Francis deals with fundamental biblical and Anabaptist themes, such as simplicity, radical obedience to God, witness, love, peacemaking, meeting human need, and rejecting the false values of our culture.


Here are a few comments from page 19 on the subject of Being with Christ:

“Jesus does not say, Go off and do things on your own. No! Jesus says, Go, for I am with you.”

“If we go out to bring his Gospel with love…he goes ahead of us, and he gets there first. As we say in Spanish, nos primerea.”

“This is fundamental for us: God is always ahead of us! When we think about going far away, to an extreme outskirt, we may be a bit afraid, but in fact God is already there. Jesus is waiting for us in the hearts of our brothers and sisters, in their wounded bodies, in their hardships, in their lack of faith.”


This reality builds peace in us and prepares us for faithful service in every situation.

To my blog readers, have you read any of Pope Francis’ writings? If so, what are your thoughts?