Israel 2016 – Part 3

Here is a another view of the Church of the Nativity, this time at dusk.



I had coffee in St. George’s Restaurant on Manger Square and saw this mural of the city of Bethlehem, so I had to take a photo.


Here is the theme slide that appears at each session of the conference. A startling contrast between the cross and the barrier wall. You may learn more about the conference at

Many of the speakers are Palestinian Christians. In the U.S. we hear about Palestinian Muslims and Palestinian terrorists, but there are also Palestinian believers – our brothers and sisters in Christ. We are hearing what life is like for them in their setting.

“Imagine the birthplace of Christianity without Christians.”

This may sound like an exaggeration, and yet we are learning that it could become the case. Already, due to emigration, Christians in the Holy Land make up less than 1.5 percent of the Palestinian community.

Please pray for the believers here. that they will be encouraged, put aside fear, have hope, and give loving witness to their Muslim neighbors and to all people. Pray for Bethlehem Bible College as it enables a new generation of Christian leaders to serve in Bethlehem and beyond. You can learn more about the College at

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