Holiness Camp Meeting

We had a 2-week trip to Florida in late January and early February 2018. It was a working vacation; I did some work on world missions every day and had appointments with various workers and church leaders. We also had time to relax, visit some friends and enjoy some sightseeing.

Our first days were spent in the St. Petersburg area. We we went to Camp Freedom, a Brethren in Christ camp meeting in the holiness tradition. This tradition emphasizes the kind of teaching that John Wesley did in England in the 1700s, the biblical teaching that God gives sanctifying grace to the Christian believer so that he or she can be freed from the power of sin and enabled to live a holy life. Holiness is about love – loving God with all your heart and loving your neighbor as yourself.

I set up a display table about the World Missions department of the Brethren Christ Church in the US and gave greetings and a report on Missions Day. You can learn more about our missions work at this site: https://bicus.org/missions/

Camp Freedom tabernacle

This is the tabernacle, the main meeting area.

Camp Freedom interior

This is the platform area.

Camp Freedom live oak

Throughout the South, live oak trees keep their leaves all winter and are often majestic, as this one on the grounds of Camp Freedom.

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