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Giving Jesus His Rightful Place
January 29, 2019

Thomas a Kempis was a German-Dutch clergyman who lived from 1380 to 1471 and wrote The Imitation of Christ, which is perhaps the most widely read Christian devotional book next to the Bible. It was first written in Latin.

What follows is a prayer from the book, a powerful statement of full devotion to Jesus Christ above all other things or experiences in life. I have taken the liberty of adding contemporary language.

“Grant me, O most loving Jesus, to rest in you above every created thing, above all health and beauty, above all glory and honor, above all power and dignity, above all knowledge and wisdom, above all riches and arts, above all joy and gladness, above all fame and praise, above all pleasure and comfort, above all hope and promise, above all deserving and desire, above all gifts and favors that you can give and pour out on us, above all happiness and rejoicing that the mind can receive and feel; finally, above all angels and archangels, above all heavenly beings, above all things visible and invisible, and above all that is not you, my God.”