Exploring Barcelona
December 25, 2014

December 2014. We arrived in Barcelona on December 22 and will leave on the 26th, to head for the Pyrenees Mountains for a retreat with our London and Spain team members. A young couple from PA are with us in Barcelona and will also go to the retreat to provide child care for the two young children who will be there. So obviously, we have spent Christmas week and Christmas Day in Barcelona.

I hope to give a detained report later, but here are a few scenes from this lovely city on the Mediterranean coast of Spain.


At the waterfront of the city is this column honoring Christopher Columbus, who came here to report after his discovery of the Americas.


A close-up, the explorer pointing to the west, from which he had returned.


And here you see the most visited site in all of Spain – Sagrada Familia, the Basilica of the Holy Family, designed by the famous Antoni Gaudi, who lived from 1854-1926. It is still under construction. I plan to say more in a future blog.



All over the city the lights of Christmas are beautiful and beautiful. So for now, I close with this scene from The Avenue of the Gate of the Angel.