In and about Miami
February 16, 2018

For a week in February 2018 we stayed at a condo in Miami Beach.

Miami Beach

We were three blocks from the beach. Several men were doing kitesurfing, which looked exciting and interesting, but not interesting enough for me to try it!

Vida Abundante

On Sunday we worshiped at Vida Abundante Brethren in Christ Church in Miami Gardens, where the pastoral couple are Robert and Mirta Colloca.


On two occasions we spent time with this couple, who have served in Spain and are home for a time of renewal. We ate at a Thai restaurant called The King and I. We had significant conversations about how to share the gospel of Christ effectively in a different cultural setting.

Miccosukee entrance

We went west of Miami to the Miccosukee (or Seminole) Indian Village.

Miccosukee house

A traditional Miccosukee house or shelter.

Miccosukee 2 totems

Miccosukee 1 totem

Trainer with alligator 1

A trainer put on an alligator show.

Trainer with alligator 2

I guess he knows what he is doing! He survived the show.

John & alligator

This little alligator is more my speed.

Spanish Monastery 1

In North Miami Beach is this Ancient Spanish Monastery.It was built in Sacramenia, Spain, in 1141 and was occupied by Cistercian monks for seven centuries. In 1952, William Randolph Hearst purchased the Cloister and the outbuildings. The structures were dismantled, stone by stone, and packed into 11,000 wooden crates and shipped to the United States. Here, in North Miami Beach, the Cloisters were reassembled in what Time magazine call the world’s biggest jigsaw puzzle.

Spanish monastery cloister

Spanish monastery cloister walkway

Spanish Monastery cloister center

Spanish cloister fountain

Today, the Monastery is the home of the Church of St. Bernard of Clairvaux, which is an active Episcopal congregation. It is also a popular site for weddings and photo shoots as well as filming for television and movies.

We also checked out the Miami Beach Botanical Garden, and urban greenspace, a lovely place to relax. See the next two photos.

Botanical Garden pond

Botanical Garden bridge

Herr's house in FL 1

We drove to Marathon Key to visit friends who have a home there, facing the Atlantic Ocean.

Herr's house sunrise

Sunrise from their veranda is a beautiful sight. And at night, the stars are visible in huge numbers, and the Milky Way.

We returned home on Amtrak Auto Train, traveling from Sanford, FL, to Lorton, VA, just south of Washington D. C. A relaxing way to travel. This is said to be the longest train in the world. On this trip, it had 15 passenger cars and 19 vehicle cars.

There are so many marvels in our world, things that God created and things that mankind has developed. We thank God for his power, truth and beauty.

Trip to Florida – Miami
February 10, 2013

We are in Miami from February 2-10, 2013, for more world missions contacts and speaking appointments.

We are staying in the condominium home of our friends Rafael and Maria Astuto, who are the parents of Annette Cintron. Annette and Mark are global workers in Madrid, Spain.

I preached in three churches on the radical nature of the gospel, with illustrations from Brethren in Christ (BIC ) World Missions. This was with a translator, of course. I met with various pastors and lay people regarding several different aspects of missions. We met with our good friends Eduardo and Jill Llanes to talk about ministry and have fun and eat at La Carreta, a restaurant featuring Cuban cuisine.  The name of the restaurant means The Cart, referring to an old fashioned wooden cart used by farmers or market people.

We also toured Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, located one mile south of downtown Miami. This was originally the winter home of James Deering, the vice president of International Harvester. Well worth seeing – you can check it out on the internet.

We leave on Monday, February 11, to return home by Amtrak’s Auto Train, which is the way we came to FL two weeks ago.

I hope to add some photos to this blog, but not tonight.