Bluebird Update
September 23, 2013

Each fall I prepare a report for the Bluebird Society of PA on the activity I have recorded at the various bird nesting boxes I have put up. The society keeps records from anyone who sends in a report, in order to monitor the bluebird population in our state.

For any reader who is not familiar with the Eastern bluebird, here is a photo from Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Bluebird - Cornell Lab of Ornithology


And here is a typical nesting box that bluebirds find attractive.



Other cavity nesting birds such as tree swallows, chickadees, titmice, wrens and house sparrows find this kind of box attractive, too.

I live in a suburb of Harrisburg, PA. There is enough grassy area and scattered trees, that bluebirds nest here, despite the noise of vehicle traffic and (this summer) of a new condo unit being built.

This year I had a total of 23 boxes in three different counties: Dauphin, where I live; Cumberland, where the Brethren in Christ denominational offices are; and Franklin, on the campus of Roxbury Holiness Camp.

Number of bluebird eggs laid – 50

Number of bluebirds that fledged – 43

Number of tree swallows that fledged – 1 (very low; most years I have many more.)

Number of house wrens that fledged – 18 (5 from one nest, and 8 from another!)

Do you see bluebirds where you live? Do you put up a nesting box?