Bird Migration
March 8, 2009

Yesterday I saw a spectacular scene in nature.

I went with my son-in-law Ed and his two sons to Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area, northeast of Lititz, PA.

Miami Journal – Monday, February 16, 2009
February 17, 2009

Besides doing “office” work in my room, I took part of the day off to go birding west of Miami, in the Everglades.

While Walking
December 26, 2008

Today, as on many days, I was taking a for-my-health walk behind and through St. Anne’s Retirement Community, near where I live. Along the small creek in the pasture I saw, as I frequently do, two like-to-live-near-water birds.


Birds and the Creator
December 23, 2007

The Creator has placed incredible abilities in the animals and birds that inhabit planet Earth.
How do birds detect north and south when they migrate?

From World magazine, October 20, 2007:
New evidence indicates migrating birds may be able to “see” Earth’s magnetic field. If the theory is correct, molecular compasses in birds’ eyes connect with the visual processing center in their brains, creating an image that defines north and south.

Thank you, God, for your mighty works of creation. In wisdom and power you made them all. Glory be to you.