Treat things with reverence
December 5, 2007

“What you do not understand, treat with reverence and be patient, and what you do understand, cherish and keep.” – Augustine

With so many trends and voices in the surrounding culture, and still more trends and voices in the church, this ancient statement gives me the perspective I need.
It’s okay not to understand everything – but be sure to treat such areas with reverence and patience. And what I do understand (or think I understand) I will cherish.
Thank you, Augustine, for your help.
Thank you, God.

Exploring India
December 1, 2007

In November I was part of a 5-person team that visited four states in India to learn about the work of Brethren in Christ Churches and missional outreach.

My report follows.

Report on Pastor’s Vision Trip to India
November 13-28, 2007
Report by John B. Hawbaker

The trip leader was Ken Hoke. The participating pastors were Mike Holland (pastor of a Hispanic Church in York Springs, and Mobilization Coordinator for BIC World Missions), Michael Yoder (Pastor of the Millersville Church), Ben Newton (Pastor of Young Adults and Outreach at Manor) and I. (more…)