Saving Children
December 24, 2011

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Earlier I posted a blog for this day, but somehow it disappeared and couldn’t be retrieved, so here I am recreating it. Sigh…the joys of cyberspace.

This morning Hank took JoLene, Chris M. and me to Tel Aviv to see the facilities and meet some personnel of Save A Child’s Heart (SACH), the charitable Israeli organization that I described in my blog about December 19. Hank’s organization (1 New Heart) and Brethren in Christ World Missions work in cooperation with SACH, sponsoring children to come from the West Bank to the hospital for surgery. SACH accepts children from many nations, but so far, we have specialized in children from the West Bank.

Our tour started at the Wolfson Medical Center.

This is a general service hospital; the heart surgeries done by SACH take place in one wing and are only a part of what goes on in this Center. Dr. Houry, who does the ICU work with the children, gave us a tour and a careful explanation of the program. Two other doctors also do the work of SACH. Dr. Sasson, who does the heart surgeries, gets paid for his work. The other doctors and nurses all serve as volunteers; they work full-time at other medical duties and serve with SACH free of charge. They are all compassion-minded Jews but welcome partnership with a Christian like Hank.

Here is Dr. Houry, talking with our group in an ICU ward. How many people do you recognize in this photo?

We met Hanan, a two-year-old girl from a village in the West Bank who was admitted for heart surgery and who will be sponsored by 1 New Heart. Unfortunately, son after entering the unit she got the flu, so surgery had to be delayed and she returned home to get over the flu.

We learned that on Tuesdays SACH has a clinic for Palestinian children, free of charge, to screen them regarding their heart issues. Have you ever heard of this kind of cooperation between Israelis and Palestinians being reported in the news in USA?

Next we drove a few miles to the children’s house, where the children and their mothers, or other relatives, stay before the surgery and again after the surgery until the child is deemed recovered enough to return home. Here is a wall in the house, with a tribute to past surgery patients.

Then we drove a bit farther to tour the new house for children.

It is state of the art and spacious and will soon be ready for occupancy. The wall around the property features the logo for SACH.

After this we returned to Jerusalem and my mini-apartment for the three of us men to spend a long afternoon working on review and planning. The session was quite productive, and we all felt a sense of accomplishment.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is a message of reconciliation, and it is a great privilege that the Brethren in Christ have a part in reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians. Thanks for your prayers for, and your participation in, this great work.