Christmas Eve in Bethlehem
December 24, 2011

As JoLene and I planned this trip, we were eager to include being at Manger Square in Bethlehem on Christmas Eve. Again this year the Jerusalem Baptist Church, located at 4 Narkis Street, was planning a bus load to go to Bethlehem, and we were pleased that seats were available for us.

The group was international, with people from Japan, India, Holland, Norway and Canada, to name a few.

The Holy City
December 20, 2011

Sunday, December 18, 2011

We arrived at the Tel Aviv airport at 2:30 AM!
Hank Dannecker met us and took us to our apartment in Jerusalem, on Hevron Road, the main road, noisy with traffic, that goes south out of the city toward Bethlehem and all of southern Israel.

We got a few hours of sleep, then went with Hank and family to the Jerusalem Baptist Church on Narkis Street. This is the church they attend.
The service included “Christmas in Vienna,” a program by their children and teens. Michele was pianist for the entire program.
There was a Christmas buffet meal following the service.

In the evening, after dark, JoLene and I walked 25 minutes to the Old City and had a light supper there.

Israel – Part 3
December 9, 2009

On Sunday, December 6, we went to the service at the Jerusalem Baptist Church on Narkis Street.