More butterflies
September 5, 2018

Let’s return to the theme of butterflies. When my brother-in-law Glenn visited us, he took some really good photos of butterflies feeding on our zinnnias here in Harrisburg, PA.



Monarchs, of course.


A silver-spotted skipper. The skippers flit about very fast and are not true butterflies, but most people consider them butterflies in everyday conversation.

2018-07-29 07.44.55

In our back yard we have an area that is partly natural and partly native wildflowers that I have planted. I refer to it as my little meadow.

Silver-spotted skipper RE

Another silver-spotted skipper, this one feeding on a variety of monarda, or bee balm.

2018-07-29 07.47.25

The meadow has several milkweed plants.

Caterpillar 1 -

A monarch caterpillar feeding on milkweed, its only food.

Caterpillar 1 RE 2

So many beautiful creatures in our world.

July 7, 2018

July 6, 2018,
Today I saw the first monarch butterfly of the season, at a tiny field a block away from our home here in Harrisburg. Fortunately, the field has many milkweed plants, so the monarch, if female, will have many places to lay her eggs.

People who record statistics about butterflies say that the monarch population in America has declined by 90 percent in the past 20 years.

I do not try much photography of butterflies, but a few years ago I took this photo of a painted lady on zinnia plants in our front yard.

The largest butterfly I ever saw was this one in our neighbor’s yard.