More butterflies
September 5, 2018

Let’s return to the theme of butterflies. When my brother-in-law Glenn visited us, he took some really good photos of butterflies feeding on our zinnnias here in Harrisburg, PA.



Monarchs, of course.


A silver-spotted skipper. The skippers flit about very fast and are not true butterflies, but most people consider them butterflies in everyday conversation.

2018-07-29 07.44.55

In our back yard we have an area that is partly natural and partly native wildflowers that I have planted. I refer to it as my little meadow.

Silver-spotted skipper RE

Another silver-spotted skipper, this one feeding on a variety of monarda, or bee balm.

2018-07-29 07.47.25

The meadow has several milkweed plants.

Caterpillar 1 -

A monarch caterpillar feeding on milkweed, its only food.

Caterpillar 1 RE 2

So many beautiful creatures in our world.