Trip to Mozambique
April 10, 2013

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

We arrived in Mozambique on April 2 for about a two-week stay. We are with Steve and Chris Newcomer, Brethren in Christ missionaries who live in the seacoast city of Beira, on the Indian Ocean, and do leadership training in the churches.

The main reason for this trip is for me to speak at a retreat for our missionaries from four nations in southern Africa. The retreat, now past, was held at a camp three hours’ drive north of here, Gorongosa Adventures, operated by Piet and Ria van Zyl and their 22-year-old son Saki. They are a delightful family, committed Christians and gifted in hospitality.

We stayed in tents – large ones with twin beds and a reed roof above the tent. We walked to the bathhouse and toilets. At night we heard bushbabies (related to baboons and monkeys) crying, and in early morning the roosters from a nearby village made sleep a bit difficult. We had electricity and hot water from about 4:00 to 10:00 PM. The tents were sheltered by small and large trees.

For meals we walked several blocks’ distance through the bush to the dining area, made of reed roofs and low reed walls so that the rooms are open to the air. The floor also consists of reed mats, laid down over black plastic. The meals, prepared by Ria and some helpers, were delicious, many of them being Afrikaans dishes that the van Zyls brought with them when they moved here from South Africa twelve years ago.

There were 14 adult missionaries at the retreat, plus the two young children of Jonathan and Becky Owen. JoLene and I and Sam Williams were here from the Missions Office. Tanya, a Mozambican, wife of a pastor, was there to provide child care. Here is the group, gathered in the meeting area, which was open on three sides.



The retreat went well. I shall post more information and photos later.