Israel – Part 2
December 7, 2009

Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath, December 5.

JoLene and I took a morning walk to a park called Jerusalem Garden. Among other things the Garden has a windmill! One of three in Jerusalem, it is a reminder by Holland that “We were here, too.”

On one street is this unusual sight.

No, it is not a car covered to protect it from the elements. It is an art piece! It fooled Hank for three months before he figured it out.

We looked up a Bird Observation Site, just a block away from Knesset, the parliament building. We sat in the simple wooden blind…

… and saw several species, including an iridescent, dark turquoise-colored Palestine sunbird.

We explored a high-class hotel and saw this mural.

We wanted to explore the Old City on foot, so we entered at the Jaffa Gate, which is a 20-minute walk from the apartment where we are staying. The Gate is really a gateway; where the cars enter, there is no gate to open or close.

As you see, British Bear showed up again.

And here are a few scenes inside the Old City.

Most coffee shops in the Old City are small and have a common-looking decor. The large well-lit restaurant above is the exception. We stopped here one day for pomegranate juice and coffee.