More about Roxbury Camp
September 16, 2012

At camp meeting I had the privilege of baptizing two older teens whom I have know since they were small children. The creek on camp property is dammed up to form a swimming hole, which served nicely for the baptism. Our tradition is to have the person kneel in the water; then the minister dips the person forward three times in the name of the Trinity.

On the second Saturday of camp meeting we had the children’s parade – on the theme of Christmas, which was the theme this year for the children’s department, which is known as the Sunbeam Center.

Two angels led the way.

My sister Eileen Blowers, who is director for the Sunbeam Center, and I were the parade marshalls, riding in a decorated golf cart.

Three of our grandchildren walked in the parade. Jeffrey was the king!

Our daughter Melanie and her husband Julio Avila and their two daughters, missionaries to Guatemala, were at camp meeting for the second half of the week. The two girls pictured above are their daughters, Samaya (center) and Genesis (right).

The board of directors devised a gracious plan for honoring the fact that I was retiring after 35 years of serving as camp director. Knowing that birding is a favorite pastime of mine and that I put up nesting boxes for bluebirds,the board encouraged people to write notes of appreciation to me on bluebird-shaped note cards and to give donations  for me and JoLene to go on a major birding trip of our choice. People could drop the notes or donations into a modified,  over-sized nesting box, beautifully decorated with bluebird art!

Such creativity! We were overwhelmed by people’s kindness.

After researching various options for a major birding trip to Central America (the dream of every North American birder), we decided just last week that we will take a ten-day trip to Costa Rica, starting December 29.

Guatemala – November 13, 2010
November 13, 2010

This is Saturday, November 13.

In the morning JoLene and I walked with Melanie about a mile to a restaurant to meet one of Melanie’s friends for conversation. We walked through a large market area called La Democracia. Here are some scenes.