Welcome to Spain
October 23, 2010

We are in Madrid, Spain, for two weeks, from October 18 through November 1.

For the first week I am leading what we call a vision trip, an experience for pastors and lay leaders to catch the vision of what is involved in our mission in Spain so that they can return home better prepared to convey missions vision to their church and to promote prayer for missions.The group consists of nine others and JoLene and I.

My time is quite filled with meetings, prayer times and visiting various cultural and religious sites, so I have been delayed in posting any blogs.

For now, I will just show this view of the famous and elegant post office building at Plaza de Cibeles, or Cibeles Square.

The Plaza de Cibeles is a square with marble sculptures and fountains and has become an iconic symbol for the city of Madrid. It takes its name from the statue of Cibeles located in the center of the square (circle, actually!)

Cibele, or Ceres, was the Roman goddess of nature (including grain, hence our English word cereal.) She is sitting in a chariot pulled by two lions, as you see in this photo by David Icke, from the web.

I will add more posts as I have time.