Trip to Guatemala – Part 9
August 26, 2009

I have often mentioned the central park that is five blocks from Melanie’s apartment. You might be interested in some photos of the park and the buildings around it. The cathedral appears in a previous blog, so I will not repeat those photos.

Trip to Guatemala – Part 4
August 21, 2009

Did I mention that this is a two-week vacation? We arrived August 14 and will return August 27.

It is the first total vacation we have had in the past 14 months. By “total” vacation I mean that I left my laptop at home, informed my missions colleagues that I am not available for contact, and will not read or answer work emails until I get home. This is a refreshing change of pace.

I am able to compose these vacation blogs on Julio and Melanie’s computer.

In a previous blog I mentioned the quetzal bird. (more…)