What the Church Is All About
September 20, 2018

Recently, I finished reading Foolishness to the Greeks, by the British writer, theologian and missionary to India, Leslie Newbigin (1909-1998). The subtitle of the book is “The Gospel and Western Culture.”

The book prompted in me deep thinking about God, philosophy, theology, science, church history, the Enlightenment, missions, and the nature and mission of the church.

Here is one of Newbigin’s statements about the church and the gospel.

“The church is the bearer to all nations of a gospel that announces the kingdom, the reign, and the sovereignty of God. It calls men and women to repent of their false loyalty to other powers, to become believers in the one true sovereignty, and so to become corporately a sign, instrument and foretaste of that sovereignty of the one true and living God over all nature, all nations, and all human lives. It is not meant to call men and women out of the world into a safe religious enclave but to call them out in order to send them back as agents of God’s kingdom.” Page 124.

Think of what this world would be like if every Christian understood and lived out the truth of this biblically accurate description of the church.

Easter in London 2010
April 9, 2010

We arrived in London on Saturday, April 3, and were greeted by an unusual local situation – sunshine!

We found that spring is at about the same stage of arrival here as in PA.