Another Day in London
December 16, 2011

Thursday, December 15, 2011

We went with Paul to a nearby area (two miles away) to check out a TraveLodge as a place for folks to stay next fall. I hope to bring a group of ten or so people to London on a vision trip, to learn about the ministries here and be better prepared to pray for and speak up about the London effort.
If you are interested in such an adventure in exposure to world missions, let me know.

We had lunch with Paul and Claire at Toby Carvery, a top-notch buffet meal. Reasonable price, about $8.00.

The items you see in the left of the photo are the crisp pastry known as Yorkshire pudding. It is cup-shaped; most people enjoy it by putting some beef gravy in the cup. Of course, this makes the bottom of the “cup” soggy, but this is Yorkshire pudding. It is a favorite of mine.

Four of us met Hope at The National Gallery, an art museum, for her to give a trial run of what the team is calling simply the Gallery Tour, which consists of viewing 16 paintings from the past that depict the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Hope has spent a lot of time preparing a guide booklet describing the artistic and spiritual significance of these paintings. Each person who goes on the tour gets a copy of the booklet to keep.

JoLene and Hope and I walked to the area near Cambridge Circus and had dinner at a Pizza Express and talked in depth about her experiences in being part of the London team for the past three years.

The three of us went to see the musical “Jersey Boys,” the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. The actor who played Frankie did a superb job of singing in the high falsetto voice that is Frankie’s signature style.

To bed by midnight.

* * * *

The weather these days has been mixed – and not bad for this time of year in London.
Temperatures from 34-46 degrees.
Full sun some days, then partly cloudy, then rain, now on Friday morning a bit of wet snow.