Monday, December 19, 2011
December 20, 2011

I am here to work on some major review and planning about the present and future of our work in Israel. Chris McNiven from Chicago, son of Don and Sue McNiven, is here to help us with this task. Chris’ work includes walking non-profit organizations through this very kind of thing.

This morning Hank drove JoLene and me and Chris to Tel Aviv. We picked up the one piece of our luggage that was not on our flight yesterday. Then we attempted to go to hear a special speaker talk about the work of Save a Child’s Heart (SACH), the humanitarian organization that arranges for children to come to Tel Aviv for life-saving heart surgery, and through whom Hank sponsors children for surgery. But we got an unclear address and unclear directions for the meeting place, which was in Yafo (or Jaffa), just south of Tel Aviv. So despite phone calls to SACH’s office and confusing directions from people on the street – we stopped several times and asked for this Center – we missed the meeting entirely and drove back to Jerusalem, a 45 minute drive if traffic is light.

Hank says that in Israel receiving confusing directions is a common experience, just part of the price you pay for living here.

NOTE: You may learn more about SACH through their web site: Save A Child’s Heart: Wolfson Medical Center.

In the afternoon Chris, Hank and I worked on a detailed review of our strategic plan for the ministry here. We made excellent progress in what we need to accomplish.

JoLene spent the afternoon with Michele and family and made chili for their supper.

We three men (not to be confused, of course, with “we three kings”) went out for dinner at Focaccia restaurant.

Then back to our apartment. I worked late on emails and such while Jolene went to bed at a decent hour.