Madrid – 3

We had one bad experience in Madrid.

While we were riding on the most crowded bus I have ever been on in my life, someone stole my wallet – credit cards, debit card, driver’s license and some cash. I discovered the loss just after getting off the bus. After the theft I thought of several things I could have done differently that would have made such a robbery impossible, or at least very unlikely, but my brainy thoughts were too late.

Within an hour I got our credit cards canceled. For the next three parts of our trip I will have to rely on cash borrowed from friends.

But all our other experiences in Madrid were good ones!

Many of the buildings have art work on ceramic tiles, as the next two photos show.

Here is an art piece on the wall of the Metro (subway).

And here are various scenes from around the city.

When you come to Madrid and take the bus tour for yourself, you will get so much more than these few pictures show, but at least this is an introduction.

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